Michael Bublé at the BBC: ‘I’m still just a little boy holding a hairbrush in front of the mirror’

MICHAEL BUBLÉ has admitted to Claudia Winkleman that he is still a child with big dreams at heart.

The popular performer has just released his latest album Nobody But Me, but addressed the fact that fame and success hasn’t changed him or his childhood ambitions.

During the recording of Michael Bublé at the BBC, Winkleman revealed the secret that Bublé had told her in rehearsals.

Michael Bublé at the BBC [BBC/Guy Levy]
Letting the audience in on the tale, Winkleman announced: “You said to me yesterday ‘I’m still just a little boy holding a hairbrush in front of the mirror’.”

Smiling at the quip, Bublé said: “I’m just me, you’re just you. Sometimes people forget fame and success doesn’t really change you,” before joking: “I’m still just as narcissistic.”

Speaking about his new planned tour for the first time, Winkleman hoped that he would visit every town in the UK.

“Yes. Yes. I’ve seen the calendar. I know it’s soon. It’s exciting. It’s going to be fun,” said the 41-year-old singer.

His music has earned him numerous Grammy and Juno awards and he has sold more than 55 million albums worldwide, plus more than two million tickets for his previous tour To Be Loved.

Winkleman asked if he liked touring, as he is one of the world’s “top five touring artists”.

Amused by the facts that the TV presenter was throwing out, he laughed: “That’s not what Wikipedia said,” before adding: “I would love it if the people came to me. I love it. It’s in my DNA.


“There’s no greater satisfaction than my kids. But there’s no better thing than being present and connected with thousands of souls. With all that’s happening in the world I am able to escape for two hours.”

Confessing that he was “petrified” to write and produce his latest album, Bublé also told the audience that he couldn’t deal with praise and standing ovations.

“I can’t handle clapping. I’m an entertainer and I can’t deal with it. Sit down. I feel like a catholic priest telling you to sit down,” laughed the Canadian performer before singing new tunes for the first time ever, adding: “This is such a nice feeling for me.”

 Catch up on Bublé at the BBC on the BBC iPlayer now.

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