Michael Bublé at the BBC: ‘Without my family, the clubs would have been empty’

MICHAEL BUBLÉ has revealed that his rise to fame would not have happened without the unending support from his loving family.

Known for his close family ties, the father-of-two admitted that in the early years, nobody turned up to hear him sing.

Now filling concert halls around the world, including ten consecutive sold out nights at London’s O2 arena, the Canadian star opened up that he was humbled by the support.

Michael Bublé at the BBC [BBC/Guy Levy]

Earning several Grammy and Juno awards for his music, the performer has sold more than 55 million albums worldwide – but that almost didn’t happen as empty bars meant nobody was showing interest or buying his music.

“Without my family, the clubs would have been empty. They’re all just so supportive,” said the 41-year-old entertainer.


“My grandfather Mitch is still a big part of my life. When I was younger I thought I was different. Just turns out I had better taste in music aged eight.”

Speaking at the BBC recording for Michael Bublé at the BBC, the singer told of his early musical influences.

Talking about the love and support his grandfather had for his talents, Bublé added: “He went to LA and brought back ‘Strangers in the night’ karaoke tracks.

Michael Bublé at the BBC [BBC/Guy Levy]
“At age 16 I was too young for clubs. He fixed kitchens for bars so I could sing there.”

Adding that he didn’t know why he had become famous out of his siblings, he continued: “My sister is funnier than me, the other is smarter.”

During the BBC special, Bublé performed a variety of new and classic songs, before going undercover as a sales assistant at a London department store to surprise unsuspecting fans.

Catch up on Bublé at the BBC on the BBC iPlayer now.


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