EXCLUSIVE: Busted’s Charlie Simpson talks reuniting and racehorses ahead of Sandown Park show

IT’S the reunion many said could never happen – even the members themselves have admitted it. 

Busted are back and the original trio are touring this summer for the first time in 12 years. 

Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson will perform all their greatest hits together live this evening at Sandown Park Racecourse as part of An Evening at the Races

Speaking ahead of the outdoor show, recently rejoined band member Charlie said: “It’s always different because on tour we have our own production and the core fan base, and with the summer shows it’s a chance to play for people who aren’t necessarily there for you.  

“With the new people coming along there’s a chance to get them into the new stuff and it’s a slightly different vibe – the sun’s out and everyone’s up for a good time. 

“The crowd are always up for it at the race shows – everyone has been out at the races getting a bit boozed up, so I think everyone is a up for a party and I think it’s a very fun vibe.”  

STRIKE A POSE: James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson

Fans can expect to step into the time machine of pop history and re-live huge smash hits including What I Go To School For, Crashed The Wedding, Air Hostess and Year 3000.  

Finally back as part of Busted after saying a reunion would never transpire, Charlie said: “It feels great – it’s been a crazy journey over the last two years getting to this point.  

“We all thought this wouldn’t happen again, but I think what’s great about it is that it has all been born out of new music – us coming and really meeting on the same crazy page.  

“I’m really excited about the prospects for the future.”

Charlie has been writing and recording with Matt and James again after a trip to America where the band worked with producer John Fields in LA. 

“It was just really relaxed and we made the record in a way that we’ve never made a record before,” said Charlie. 

“We just set up all our instruments and went in and we were just writing and recording as we were going – had the drums out and the guitar and piano literally as if we were demoing and we were making the record at the same time.  

“It was a freeing experience and I think it made the best out of the songs that way.” 

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The boys are working hard with a new album and single in the pipeline having just signed a new record deal following the McBusted phenomenon and their successful Pigs Can Fly headline tour across the country.  

Charlie said: “Music’s coming probably in September so I think we’ve got the tour for the end of the year – we aren’t 100% sure of the dates yet, but that’s coming up.”

With a full catalogue of hit songs to get through on the setlist, Busted have added new material to their stage repertoire.  

Excited by the new songs, Charlie said: “They’re going down great – on this tour we’ve played a lot of the old songs that people haven’t seen for a long time.  

“I think we wanted to give people a taste of what’s to come with those three new tracks and it’s been amazing.  

“We’ve got the new single coming out soon and we’re all really pleased with that – I think we were sort of nervous about what the reaction would be.  

“We released the song Coming Home as a download before the tour and we were nervous about the reaction because obviously it’s very different, but people seemed to have embraced it, which is amazing.” 

Busted are one of the biggest homegrown pop acts of the 21st century with an incredible five million record sales, two four-times platinum albums and four number one singles to their name.  

Although the band are looking forward to playing in the evening, the trio plan to get to the racecourse early and place bets on the races. 

Charlie said: “I don’t go that often but when I do I usually have a really good day – never usually successfully but I’ll have a go and to be honest I don’t know anything about horse racing.  

“It’s sort of just picking the one that you like the name of or whatever, so it’s really random, but sometimes you can come in with one and that’s an exciting feeling when the horse wins. 

“The kind of money that’s involved with these horses is absolutely crazy but it’s amazing to see how well kept they are – it’s another world really.” 

Racing action kicks off earlier in the evening with a six-race-card before Busted perform on what is set to be the hottest day of the year. 

Phil White, Sandown Park Racecourse general manager, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Busted to Sandown Park Racecourse fresh from their sell-out arena tour.  

“The guys certainly know how to get the crowd going, I can’t wait to see what their show has to offer – the grandstand will be rocking!” 




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